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About Me

I'm an Australian astrologer, writer, and witch with more than twenty years’ hands-on experience as a magical practitioner. I've been a member of a Wiccan-style coven for over 10 years, including 6 years in the role of High Priestess. Before my life-changing midlife transits, I worked as an sharp-eyed editor for a multinational company. Now I'm using my word witchery to write horoscopes and forecasts for a range of publications. I also share esoteric wisdom on the Witch: Radiant + Rooted podcast. You can learn more about me at

Why You Should Join Me

I am passionate about sharing astrology and magic and wanted to create a space for engaging conversations with my clients, students, and readers. There's loads of high-quality free content, including the early release of my super accurate monthly horoscopes. Plus, you get to draw on the wisdom of lots of magical people and fellow astrology enthusiasts. Eventually, I'll be rolling out events and courses and workshops and other resources that will help you live an amazing magical life.

A Big Thanks

Thanks so much for taking a punt on me and trusting me enough to take a big leap forward into this new online space. To create change in the world around us, we need to change within ourselves. I'm here. Will you join me?

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