The Way of the Moon
The Way of the Moon
Kim Fairminer

The Way of The Moon

Astrology, divination and magic to align you with the life you want to live.

About Me

I'm an Australian astrologer, author, and witch with more than twenty years’ hands-on experience as a magical practitioner. 

For the last 10+ years, I've been a member of an eclectic Wiccan-style coven, including 6 years in the role of High Priestess. 

Magic is my way of life and has been for a long time. It carries me through life's challenges and helps me embrace opportunities.

The Way of The Moon is where I share my knowledge and experience of astrology, ritual, and magic to help you reconnect with your own wisdom and learn to trust your own intuitive insights.

I help you recognise the resources in your personal magical ecosystem and teach you how to use them in order to pursue the life you want to live.

You can learn more about me at

About the Community

I am passionate about sharing astrology and magic and wanted to create a space for engaging conversations with my clients, students, and readers. 

There's loads of high-quality interactive content, including exclusive weekly forecasts, fun discussion prompts, and invititions to attend live recordings. 

Plus, you can draw upon the wisdom and experience of lots of magical people and fellow astrology enthusiasts. 

(I can't overstate the benefits of connecting with like-minded souls. My classes and circles have a weird/cool tendency to bring people together for mutual professional growth, in particular.)

If you'd like to explore at an even deeper and more revealing level, there's also a selection of my popular courses, circles and other resources which further support your quest to enchant your everyday life.

A Big Thanks

Thanks so much for taking a punt on me and trusting me enough to take a big leap forward into this new online space. 

When you choose to live an enchanted life, you invite magic into your own world and also make a positive contribution to the collective psyche of our beautiful planet.

To create change in the world around us, we begin with ourselves. 

I'm here. Will you join me?

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